2019-2020 Legislation

2019-2020 Legislative Session

Voter Protection Act (Chaptered)
AB 17 would prohibit an employer from requesting or requiring an employee bring their vote by mail ballot to work.

Valley Fever: worker safety (Chaptered)

AB 203 would require construction employers in endemic counties to provide valley fever training to employees.

Community Colleges: registered nursing program (Chaptered)

AB 239 would extend authorization for community college registered nursing programs to use additional multi-criteria assessment tools until January 1, 2025.

Ballot Accountability: Vote by Mail ballot tracking (Chaptered)

AB 299 would require timely communication for county registrars' office to relay ballot information to the Secretary of State's Office for the purpose of providing accurate updates to voters about the status of their ballot.

Mental Health Services for Older Adults (Senate Appropriations Suspense File)

AB 480 would establish a statewide leader within the Department of Healthcare Services to oversee mental health services for older adults, integrate care, increase needs assessment and prioritize geriatric training for behavioral health providers.

CEQA Streamlining: affordable housing (Two-Year Bill)

AB 490 would streamline CEQA proceedings for affordable housing developments in severely rent-burdened counties.

Artificial Intelligence (Vetoed by Governor)

AB 594 would require the creation of a Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer within the California Department of Technology; would create a commission on A.I. that would be required to provide a report to the Legislature; would establish and promote workforce programs for workers potentially displaced by A.I.

Roundabouts (Chaptered)

AB 634 would require that roundabouts be added as a type of highway facility that may be used for memorial or dedication signing.

Clean Transportation to Health for Seniors (Vetoed)

AB 970 would create a grant program within the Department of Aging to use ZEV or near-ZEV vehicles to transport disabled persons and seniors to health appointments.

Contracting Accountability (Chaptered)

AB 971 would require state departments to conduct post-evaluations of Information Technology (IT) contracts.

Improving Safety in the Gig Economy (Two-Year Bill)

AB 1008 would bring California law into conformity the other 49 states by stating that one-time authorization by a consumer for a background check would constitute authorization for continuous background checks for the duration of employment.

Treatment of Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Treatment (Senate Appropriations Suspense File)

AB 1058 would require the Department of Health Care Services to create a stakeholder process to identify legal and administrative barriers to integrating and streamlining treatment for co-occuring substance use disorder and mental health.

Sales Tax Relief for Disabled Veterans (Chaptered)

AB 1257 would expand exemptions for disabled veterans from sales and use tax when purchasing adaptive automotive equipment.

Income Tax Relief for Veterans and Active Duty Servicemembers (Held in Revenue and Taxation Committee)

AB 1258 would exempt income tax for active duty servicemembers and for veterans after honorable discharge for the cumulative amount of years they served on active duty.

Illegal Gambling (Chaptered)

AB 1294 would insert new descriptions of gambling into the Asset Forfeiture section of the Penal Code to allow law enforcement to more effectively eradicate illegal sweepstakes cafes and gambling dens using illegal electronic gambling machines.

Safe Drinking Water Plan (Two-Year Bill)

AB 1381 would add specified criteria to the State Water Board's comprehensive Clean Drinking Water Plan that is required every five years that will help to increase and identify safe and affordable water needs for communities throughout California.

Improve Access to Quality Eye Care (Senate Business & Professions Committee)

AB 1467 would authorize an optometrist to provide services set forth in a delegation of services agreement, as defined, between an optometrist and an ophthalmologist.

Increasing Language Access (Assembly Appropriations Suspense File)

AB 1531 would lower, from 5 to 3 percent, the threshold which state agencies are requires to provide language access services to a substantial number of non-native speakers.

Improving Air Quality through Cleaner Tractors (Assembly Appropriations Suspense File)

AB 1589 would add to the Carl Moyer program to cover the exchange of uncontrolled gasoline tractors to newer, cleaner diesel tractors.

CEQA: anonymous lawsuits (Assembly Natural Resources Committee)

AB 1673 would require plaintiffs filing anonymous CEQA lawsuits to disclose the individuals or groups that are financing their legal proceedings.

Independent Redistricting Commission (Two-Year Bill)

AB 1724 would require the establishment of independent redistricting commissions for all counties and general law cities.

Renewable Portfolio Standards: Improving Air Quality through Clean Energy Credits (Two-Year Bill)

AB 1733 would expand the RPS program in non-attainment areas by allowing the State Air Resources Board to certify forms of electrical generation that are not currently covered by the program as long as they meet certain environmental standards.

State Air Resources Board: emissions reduction program (Assembly Transportation Committee)

AB 1744 would direct the Air Resources Board to develop an emissions reduction credit program for certain cranes that drive minimal miles throughout the year and do not release significant emissions.

Early Assessment to Improve Student Outcome (Two-Year Bill)

AB 1792 would authorize the State Superintendent to authorize high schools to offer the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) test during any grade to allow for earlier pupil assessment.

 Blue Star Mothers of America Month (Chaptered)

ACR 29 would recognize May, 2019 as Blue Star Mothers of America Month in California.

Portuguese National Heritage Month (Chaptered)

ACR 30 would declare the month of June, 2019 as Portuguese National Heritage Month.

Kings County Deputy Sheriff Allen Thomas Sharra Memorial Highway (Chaptered)

ACR 38 would designate a portion of State Route 41 in the County of Kings as the Kings County Deputy Sheriff Allen Thomas Sharra Memeorial Highway.

Gold Star Mothers' and Families' Day (Chaptered)

ACR 61 would proclaim September 29, 2019, as Gold Star Mothers' and Families' Day in California.