2019 Young Assemblymember Program Application

The 32nd Assembly District Office offers high school senior and junior students a unique opportunity to gain an understanding of state government and the legislative process. The Young Assemblymember Program is an invaluable way to get a closer look at California’s democratic process, as well as an excellent opportunity to make important contacts while serving the community.

The Young Assemblymember Program begins this March 2019 and concludes with a trip to our State Capitol in Sacramento where participants will visit the Assembly floor, around the time of graduation. All program expenses are covered, not including transportation (with the exception of the final trip to Sacramento).

The program requires attendance of monthly sessions featuring guest speakers and field trips with a focus on specific topics such as government, business, agriculture, medicine, and law enforcement. In addition, participants are expected to work together to track a state bill through the legislative process in order to gain firsthand experience of how our government functions.

Thank you for your interest in this very unique opportunity to serve your community.

If you have any questions, please call Eric Arias at (661) 335-0302, Eric.Arias@asm.ca.gov


Please use numbers 1-10 to prioritize your area of interest (1 being the highest priority)
Employment Experience (no experience is necessary)