Thank You for Your Service

My younger brother serves in the United States Marine Corps Reserve. He has volunteered to serve in the event of great need of our country and community—and I could not be prouder.

Many of America's heroes, the veterans of all of branches of the military, return home to similarly proud families. But they sometimes come home to fight a different kind of battle. They have to fight against high unemployment numbers, a lack of affordable housing, physical ailments, mental illness and the corresponding unfair stigma of mental illness.

Ensuring the effective reintegration into civilian society for our nation's veterans should be a top priority for California and the nation. As a member of the Assembly Veterans Committee, I've been able to work on issues that range from retirement homes for older generation veterans, affordable housing for veterans and making college affordable to make it easier to get a job when service is completed.

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Below is a list of Veteran resources in your area. I hope you find this information useful.

Thank you for your service, and do not hesitate to contact my office if you have any ideas for legislation or projects to benefit the veteran community.