Veterans Legislation


AB 1257 (Salas) expands tax exemptions for disabled veterans purchasing adaptive automotive equipment.

ACR 29 Blue Star Mothers of America (Salas) recognizes May 2019 as Blue Star Mothers of America Month.

ACR 61 Gold Star Mothers’ and Families’ Day (Salas) designates September 29, 2019 as Gold Star Mothers’ and Families’ Day in California.



ACR 79 Blue Star Mothers (Salas) designates the month of May as Blue Stars Mothers of America Month.

ACR 120 Gold Star Mothers (Salas) designates September 24, 2017 as Gold Star Mothers’ and Families Day in California.

ACR 190 Blue Star Mothers (Salas) this measure recognizes May 2018 as Blue Star Mothers of America month.

ACR 192 Gold Star Mothers (Salas) proclaims September 30, 2018 as Gold Star Mothers’ and Families’ Day in California.

AB 2801 (Salas) this bill makes it a crime, punishable with a felony or misdemeanor, to destroy or vandalize a veterans memorial.



AB171 (Irwin, Salas Co-author) raises the California Department of Veterans Affairs annual funding to $5.6 million dollars for allocation to County Veterans Services Officers.

AB 255 (Irwin, Salas Co-author) creates the office of Internal Audits for Veterans Affairs within the California Department of Veterans Affairs.

AB 930 (Irwin / Atkins, Salas Co-author) authorizes the California Military department to establish Work for Warriors Program.

ACR 30 (Irwin, Salas Co-author) honors and recognizes Armed Forces Day on May 16, 2015.

AJR 7 (Mathis, Salas Co-author) requests Congress to further amend the G.I. Bill of Rights to make benefits available to veterans for use as startup capital in the establishment of first businesses.



AB 13 (Conway) requires California Colleges and California State Universities to adopt policies to conform to federal law in allowing veterans and their eligible dependents, recently separated from service to pay in-state tuition up to the minimum time necessary to become a resident.

AB 114 (Salas) awards $15 million dollars for job training, with preference given to Veterans and disadvantaged youth, which was adopted in the 2013 budget.

AB 186 (Maienschein) requires Department of Consumer Affairs licensing entities to provide military spouses and domestic partners licensed in another state with a 12-month temporary license to practice their profession in California

AB 287 (Frazier, Salas Co-author) requires the Department of Veterans Affairs (CalVet) to put together an annual list of Vietnam Veteran names to be added to the Vietnam Veterans War Memorial.

AB 372 (Eggman) gives veterans, spouses of deceased, and spouses of 100% disabled veterans automatic top ranking if they receive a passing score on a state civil service exam.

AB 555 (Salas) allows a County Veteran Service Officer to work with local law enforcement to provide much needed services to individuals who are detained.

AB 556 (Salas) protects veterans from employment discrimination based on past or current service.

AB 614 (Chavez) Ensures that a veteran with 70 percent or more service disability receiving intermediate care or skilled nursing care in a veterans home shall have their account deemed paid in full by the amounts paid on their behalf by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

AB 639 (Speaker Perez, Salas Co-author) which later became Prop. 41 on the June 3rd ballot authorized transfer of $600 million in bonds from the CalVet Home Loan Program to fund affordable housing for Veterans and their families.

AB 935 (Frazier, Salas Co-author) requires the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to offer a driver’s license or identification card that includes the word “VETERAN” on its face to an applicant who provides verification from their County Veteran Service Officer.

AB 1289 (Cooley, Salas Co-author) establishes the California Vietnam Veterans Memorial as the official state Vietnam Veterans War Memorial.

SB 73 (Budget committee) increases funding to County Veteran Service Officers, and also sets aside millions of dollars to assist with veteran benefits backlog.

SB 290 (Knight, Salas Co-author) lowers Veteran’s tuition by granting resident tuition at a Community College or CSU - if they file an official statement promising to become a California resident as soon as possible.

SB 720 (Correa) gives all federal military reservists and California National Guard service members ordered to active duty in oversea conflicts the same relief from having to pay interest on the accumulated principal or interest of a deferred financial obligation as active duty military members ordered to overseas conflicts.

SB 725 (Anderson) allows Veteran organizations to maintain their lease on buildings leased to them by a city and county government so long as they do not violate the terms of the lease, or abandon the building.

ACR 36 (Atkins, Salas Co-author) would encourage all superior courts to consider establishing veterans treatment courts or veterans treatment review calendars to assist troubled veterans who have service-related mental health issues.

AJR 38 (Salas) requests Congress to pass, and the President to sign into law, Senate Bill 1281 and House Resolution 2654, to protect Veterans and Military members from housing and employment discrimination based on past or current service, and encourages the members of the California Congressional Delegation to join as coauthors on those measures.