State Budget Passes with Investments in Education, Water, and Valley Fever

Thursday, June 13, 2019

SACRAMENTO – Today, both houses of the Legislature approved the 2019-20 state budget with Assembly Bill (AB) 74. The budget committees held over 90 hearings and spent months crafting a fiscally responsible budget. The Budget Act of 2019 (AB 74) now heads to the Governor’s desk for his consideration. Assemblymember Salas (D-Bakersfield) issued the following statement: 

“The Legislature passed a balanced and on-time budget that includes key investments in education, safe drinking water, healthcare workforce, homelessness and housing, pays down debt, and builds the Rainy Day Fund.  I am pleased to see that the budget includes significant funding for projects and services that benefit the Central Valley, including raising per pupil spending to over $12,000, fully funding the university systems to prevent tuition increases and expand undergraduate enrollment, investing in healthcare workforce to address the severe doctor shortage, providing $2 million for the Valley Fever Institute at Kern Medical Center, and allocating over $130 million to address safe and affordable drinking water.  The result is a healthy budget that reflects a collaborative effort to support working families, small businesses, students, seniors and veterans.”

Valley Fever Funding

“It is critical that we continue to provide funding to increase research and expand outreach related to valley fever,” said Assemblymember Salas.  “The world-renowned research team at the Valley Fever Institute continues to be a leader in research, treatment and outreach to improve lives for people here in the Central Valley and across the state. The funding included in this year’s budget will help ensure that the Institute has the resources to expand their efforts and advance their mission to treat, prevent, raise awareness and cure valley fever.” 

State Budget Includes:

  • $2 million to the Valley Fever Institute at Kern Medical Center to support valley fever research
  • $12 million over three years for the Youth and Family Civic Engagement Initiative
  • $705,000 for three Independent Living Centers (ILC), including ILC of Kern County
  • $40,000 for the California Central Valley Economic Development Corporation
  • $1.1 million for planning of Bakersfield College Delano Center: Learning Resource Center Multi-Purpose Building
  • $1.6 million for planning of West Hills College Lemoore Instructional Center Phase 1


  • Record levels of Prop 98 funding (about $81 billion in state and local funds) to public schools and community colleges, equal to over $12,000 per student
  • $490 million for Special Education Early Intervention Grant
  • $100 million for After School Education and Safety (ASES) program

Higher Ed

  • Funds around 15,000 new slots for undergraduates at UC and CSU
  • $40 million ongoing General Fund to expand graduate medical education
  • $6 million one-time General Fund to conduct outreach activities to low-income students
  • $5.3 million ongoing General Fund to support student mental health services

Career Technical Education

  • $4.1 million for the Agricultural Career Technical Education Incentive Grant
  • $150 million for the California Career Technical Education Incentive Grant Program
  • $241 million for the Strong Workforce Program
  • $15.3 million for Career Technical Education Initiative


  • $100 million one-time Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF) for Safe Drinking Water
  • $30 million one-time General Fund for Safe Drinking Water
  • $12.5 million one-time General Fund for water quality in the Central Valley, including:
    • $2.5 million to bring communities into compliance with safe drinking water standards and remove arsenic from water in communities such as Arvin in Kern County


  • $65 million for the Agriculture Diesel Engine Replacement & Upgrades
  • $28 million for the Healthy Soils program
  • $34 million for Methane Reduction (dairy digesters)

Housing and Homelessness

  • $2.4 billion total to address homelessness and housing
  • $650 million in response to homelessness
  • $250 million to local jurisdictions to plan for upcoming Regional Housing Needs Allocations
  • $500 million increase in tax credit to expand the Low Income Housing Tax Credit for federally subsidized low-income housing
  • $500 million one-time to CalHFA for various low and moderate income loan program

Health and Human Services

  • $342 million to expand California’s health workforce
  • Expands CalWORKS and Medi-Cal eligibility
  • $15 million one-time General Fund to establish five new Centers of Excellence to provide care to adults with Sickle Cell Disease

Public Safety

  • $10 million General Fund for the Human Trafficking Victim Assistance Program
  • $5 million General Fund annually for three years to the Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforce

Budget resiliency

  • Estimated 19.1 billion in reserves, including $16.5 billion Rainy Day Fund


  • $158 million to the Department of Aging
  • $17.5 million ongoing General Fund for the Senior Nutrition Program


  • $398 million to the Department of Veterans Affairs
  • $10 million support Veteran Resource Centers at the California Community Colleges


Assemblymember Salas represents part of the City of Bakersfield, the cities of Arvin, Hanford, Corcoran, Delano, Lemoore, McFarland, Shafter, Wasco, and the communities of Armona, Avenal, Buttonwillow, Home Garden, Kettleman City, Lamont, Lost Hills, Stratford and Weedpatch.