Assemblymember Salas Moves Transformative Bill Package out of the Assembly

Assembly bills authored by Salas now move to the State Senate

Assemblymember Salas Moves Transformative Bill Package out of the Assembly


SACRAMENTO, CA – Last week, Assemblymember Rudy Salas (D-Bakersfield) successfully passed a package of Assembly Bills out of the State Assembly, that addresses major issues like reforming the Employment Development Department (EDD), strengthening biosecurity, investing in small businesses, helping military spouses, improving mental health services for older adults, helping domestic violence victims, and more.

“This package of bills protects families throughout the state and reforms one of the biggest headaches Californians have been enduring when dealing with the EDD,” said Assemblymember Salas. “I will continue to push for these legislative actions to be signed into law, which will help everyday Californians and businesses.”

The following bills authored by Assemblymember Salas have successfully passed the State Assembly and are now awaiting a hearing in the State Senate:

AB 56 (EDD Reform): This bill puts forth several EDD reforms that will ensure applicants receive their benefits in a timely manner
and help prevent fraud.

AB 70 (Biosecurity): This bill establishes safety and security guidelines for gene synthesis companies to ensure that bad actors do not abuse technology and have the ability to manufacture a deadly virus.

AB 106 (Regions Rise Grant Program): This bill will establish the Regions Rise Grant Program in order to close the equity gap and spur economic growth in places like the Central Valley.

AB 107 (Military Spouse Licensing): This bill helps military spouses receive expedited licenses for certain jobs that they have experience with in different states.

AB 322 (Bioenergy): This bill will increase investment in new, innovative bioenergy projects to help reduce agricultural waste, open burning, and to create more clean energy to stabilize the grid.

AB 383 (Mental Health Services): This bill will establish an Older Adult Mental Health Services Administrator to oversee and improve mental health services for older adults.

AB 673 (Helping Domestic Violence Victims): This bill will support domestic violence victims by increasing funding to nonprofits that provide shelter and services for victims.