RELEASE - Assemblymember Salas Names Delano’s Fil-Bake Shop as Small Business of the Year

Fil-Bake Shop recognized for their longstanding role in Delano and the Filipino community


SACRAMENTO, CA – Assemblymember Rudy Salas (D-Bakersfield) honored Fil-Bake Shop as the 32nd Assembly District’s 2021 Small Business of the Year, acknowledging their years of service giving back to Delano and supporting the Filipino community. Owner Teresita “Auntie Tess” Gabisan Patricio, has dedicated herself to providing unparalleled service to her customers and stepping up to help the Filipino community and the City of Delano in their time of need.


“I am honored to recognize Fil-Bake Shop and Auntie Tess as our Small Business of the Year,” said Assemblymember Salas. “Auntie Tess’ dedication to Delano and our Filipino community has made an impact not only locally, but throughout the world. From organizing donations after the devastating 2013 earthquake in the Philippines, providing meals to hospital workers during the pandemic and serving baked goods to our students, Fil-Bake Shop remains a pillar in our community.”


Established on August 1, 1981, by Tessie Patricio, who came from the Philippines as a young woman with a college degree in education, Fil-Bake Shop has functioned as the center of Delano's sizable Filipino community for four decades, earning renown for its specialty Filipino bread and pastries as well as for its commitment to serving the community. Tessie Patricio and her family regularly donate soft baked goods from Fil-Bake Shop for school fundraising activities and to various for-profit and nonprofit organizations, religious congregations, hospitals, and first responder agencies. Following the devastating 7.2-magnitude Bohol earthquake in October 2013 and Super Typhoon Haiyan a month later in the Philippines, Tessie Patricio helped by rallying her workers and customers who entrusted her with their hard-earned donations, which helped the Philippines in their time of need.


“I want to thank everyone who made this possible. The support of my family, customers, and the whole community allowed us to make it through the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Tessie Patricio. “I also want to thank Assemblymember Salas for recognizing us and our hard work - he made us feel like real V.I.P’s.”


Each year, the California Small Business Association honors small businesses in each Assembly District, which recognizes small businesses that go above and beyond in their community. Assemblymember Salas was thrilled to nominate Fil-Bake Shop as the 2021 Small Business of the year for AD-32 and continues to encourage consumers to shop and dine locally and support their community.