Assemblymember Salas Announces $22 Million for Local Parks

$22,544,345 invested in Central Valley parks for renovations, expansions & beautification


BAKERSFIELD, CA – Assemblymember Rudy Salas (D-Bakersfield) applauded the historic allocation of over $22 million in direct investment to renovate, expand and improve local parks in Arvin, Shafter, Lamont, Wasco, and Hanford. Assemblymember Salas helped pass this important grant funding in the 2021-2022 state budget, in addition to Proposition 68 in 2018, which allocated $395 million to parks across California.

“I am excited to see the $22 million in direct investment come to our community parks that will create more open space and safe opportunities for our local families,” said Assemblymember Salas. “These improvements will have long lasting, positive impacts on our community by improving and expanding our local parks, and by making our open spaces more enjoyable and accessible for families throughout the Central Valley.”

Through California’s Statewide Park Program, the following cities will be undergoing exciting new projects:

City of Arvin Kovacevich Park Field of Dreams ($1,956,575)

Renovating the Kovacevich Park in the city of Arvin. Constructing a new playground with a poured rubber surface with shade, and a statue. Renovating an existing basketball court, two baseball fields, walking path, each feature with dedicated lighting, two restrooms, picnic areas, and a parking lot.

City of Shafter North Shafter Community Park Development ($3,803,030)

Creating the new North Shafter Community Park in the City of Shafter. Constructing a new skate park, spray park, playground with obstacle course, exercise stations, outdoor stage/gazebo, multi-purpose court, five picnic areas with shade, walking pathways, parking lot, restroom, each feature with dedicated lighting, and landscaping throughout the park.

Lamont Park Renovation ($6,515,000)

Renovating Lamont Park in the City of Lamont. Constructing a new artificial turf soccer field, splash pad, open plaza, skatepark, three sports courts, each feature with dedicated lighting, 2-5 playground with shade, exercise equipment with shade structure, obstacle/parkour course with shade, recreation center, and three restrooms. Renovating an existing parking lot.

Wasco Love Cormack Park Renovating for Generations ($1,769,740)

Renovating the Love Cormack Park in the Town of Wasco. Constructing a new playground with shade, walking paths with lighting, picnic and BBQ area with shade, six basketball courts, a pickleball court, tennis court, volleyball court, GaGa ball court, multi-use field, two soccer/football fields, amphitheater, demonstration garden, dog park, fitness area with six stations, parking lot, solar lighting throughout the park (12 poles), and landscaping throughout the park. Renovate two youth softball fields.

City of Hanford Heroes Park ($8,500,000)

Creating the new Heroes Park in the City of Hanford. Acquiring two parcels equaling 40 acres. Constructing two multi-age play structures with shade, 18-hole frisbee disc golf course, skate park, two basketball courts, workout area, dog park, community garden/learning garden, parking lot with charging stations, and two restrooms, each feature with dedicated lighting. In addition, constructing three multi-use athletic fields, open space area, amphitheater, public art, and a water feature.