Salas Bill to Increase Mental Health Services Signed into Law

Assembly Bill 2581 speeds up and streamlines health provider credentialing


SACRAMENTO, CA – Assemblymember Rudy Salas (D-Bakersfield) applauded the signing of Assembly Bill (AB) 2581, which will increase access to mental health and autism services by requiring health care service plans to credential mental health providers within 60 days. Currently, health providers can face a six month or longer wait just to have their application processed, creating a provider shortage at a time of increased demand.

“AB 2581 helps increase access to mental health services that can significantly improve the lives of children and their families,” said Assemblymember Salas. “At a time when California is facing a mental health workforce shortage, AB 2581 will cut bureaucratic red tape so that qualified professionals can meet the community’s needs quicker. This bill will increase opportunities for families to receive the life changing care and services they need.”

Under current law, there is no timeline set for health plans to credential mental health care providers. This time delay directly affects families who seek mental health services as they face mental health provider shortages, and are delayed in receiving treatment. These delays can significantly impact a child’s overall development despite research has shown that early intervention is needed to maximize outcomes.

California will join 25 other states that have codified credentialing time limits to increase timely access to mental health services.


Assemblymember Salas represents part of the City of Bakersfield, the cities of Arvin, Hanford, Corcoran, Delano, Lemoore, McFarland, Shafter, Wasco, and the communities of Armona, Avenal, Buttonwillow, Home Garden, Kettleman City, Lamont, Lost Hills, Stratford and Weedpatch.